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Welcome to MBR- Medical Beauty Research

Skin care at the frontier of medicine MBR high-end concept care is a clear departure from all previous cosmetic lines. The first German high-tech premium brand is the result of intensive research by leading dermatologists and aesthetic physicians. The goal was to develop anti-ageing products with the highest possible active ingredient concentrations while at the same time achieving optimal skin tolerance.

The Principle

Uniformly smooth skin, groomed contours and a youthful appearance – achieving and maintaining this goal is the task of MBR skin care. Specially developed product lines and balanced treatment methods are adapted to the individual needs of the skin and offer optimal treatment, protection and lasting care for skin in any condition. Three skin care steps toward a considerably improved skin appearance –OPEN, TREAT, CLOSE – is the simple, but effective formula which revitalizes the skin.

Watch Client Say?

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  • It's here again!

    MBR Pure Perfection 100 N® is a newly defined, extraordinarily efficient anti-aging cream that activates all epidermal cell functions. Beauty that can be bought.

    Enzyme Cleansing Booster: Your luxurious Pure Perfection care ritual. Your skin radiates in purity, clarity, appears refreshed, matted, even and is ultra-optimally prepared for every following step in the care programme.

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