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Liquid Surgery Serum®


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Immediate and Long-Term Lifting

A perfectly balanced epidermal skin care serum with an intense combination of ingredients that gives the skin an additional energy boost despite optimal care.

• Achieves deep-down penetration
• Plumps up wrinkles as if from the inside, smoothes skin and restores its volume with a lasting effect
• Replenishes moisture reservoirs and increases the skin’s water-binding capacity
• Boosts collagen synthesis, the skin regains tone and firmness
• Visibly relaxes facial features
• Stimulates the conversion of oxygen in the cells, blocks free radicals
• Makes skin appear fresher, more radiant and youthful

Mornings and evenings. After cleansing and opening with Enzyme Cleansing Booster apply Liquid Surgery Serum® to the face and massage in gently. Afterwards, Face Cream Smooth 100 or Cream Extraordinary.

As part of a treatment, it is recommended to use Liquid Surgery Serum® for a period of 3 months. As a final phase, then use Tissue Activator Serum for 3 months. Both products are always used alternatively for a period of three months (epidermal/dermal). In the spring/summer, Liquid Surgery Serum® can also be used alone.

Ceramide III, shambrilla oil, shea butter, hyaluronic acid, Pentavitin®, Liquid Surgery Complex (Perfluorocarbons), Golden Collagenine, complex from Syn®-Ake, Trylagen™, Cyclopeptide-5,
CroNoline™, SYN®-HYCAN

Skin Types: Anti-Ageing

Size: 50ml

Product Code: 1404


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