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Optimal Lift Serum


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Immediate Effect Against Wrinkles

Multi-active serum for preventing lines, mitigating and reducing existing and also deeper lines, particularly on the forehead and in the eye area. For any skin type, especially for tired, stressed skin.

• Minimises various types of wrinkles quickly and reliably
• Improves the microrelief of wrinkles
• Has an immediately noticeable and lasting physical tightening
• effect
• Smoothes wrinkle volume significantly
• Optimises the skin‘s elasticity
• Increases the moisture retaining capacity of the skin

Mornings and evenings. After cleansing and opening (Two in One Cleanser or Foam Cleanser purifying/Beta-Enzyme/Starter Facial Booster), apply Optimal Lift Serum on the face, lips, neck and neckline by gently dabbing on. Then use Skin Sealer Protection Shield, Sensitive Skin Sealer Cream or Cream Special.

LIFTONIN®-XPRESS, dexpanthenol (provitamin B5), niacin, ginkgo extract, nettle, inositol

Size: 30ml

Skin Types: Anti-Ageing

Product Code: 1224


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