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Cream Mask Smooth 100


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Effective Instant Help

A mask that lavishes intensive care on the skin.

• An energising, cooling jolt of freshness
• Ensures short and long term moisturisation
• Strengthens and firms skins tissue, improves elasticity
• Gives skin a healthy, plump and firm appearance
• Has soothing and calming properties
• Makes skin feel velvety-soft and silky-smooth

As needed, whenever you need an immediately visible refreshing effect. Apply generously to the face and neck. Avoid the area around the eyes. Leave for 3 minutes to take effect. Remove with lukewarm water or a cosmetic tissue, then follow with the appropriate care step for the time of day.

The effect of the mask can be increased if a warm compress is placed on the face first. An ideal product for looking good quickly for special occasions.

Avocado oil, macadamia oil, shambrilla oil, crambe oil, ceramide III, Cooling Agent, fomblin, hyaluronic acid, SYN®-HYCAN, sea mayweed, SILA Detox®, CroNoline™, hydrolised hyaluronic acid, Pentavitin®

Skin Types: Dry Skin 

Size: 30ml

product Code: 1402


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