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The Symiosis Between High-Tech and Nature

Our modern world is very stimulating and rewarding – but it also challenges us again and again, each day, each hour. Rapid, vibrant, intense, multi-faceted, impermanent …
MBR BioChange® CEA is an innovative symbiosis between high-tech and nature‘s ancient secrets of strength, vitality and beauty.
Environmental influences such as air pollution, (electric) smog, contaminants, air-conditioned rooms and substantial changes in our everyday UV exposure weaken the barrier function of the skin. The high concentration of pollutants in the air additionally increases the signs of ageing skin: loss of moisture and elasticity, distinctive lines and wrinkles and pigmented spots. This is aggravated by a loss of vitality and radiance.
MBR‘s BioChange® CEA range offers powerful products with the best possible results
City & Sky
Twentyfour Hours Extreme
Luminous Pearl Extreme