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Skin Whitening Cream


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Gentle Skin Lightener

Multi-active Whitening Cream to lighten skin complexion.

• Lightens the skin complexion naturally
• Regulates and balances an uneven skin tone
• Lightens pigment spots and prevents the development of new

• Moisturises and makes the skin soft and supple

• pigment spots, caused mainly by the effect of light and sun
• Protects against skin irritations

Mornings and evenings. After application of active serums (Skin Lightening Serum/Cell Power Vital Serum/Tissue Activator Serum/Optimal Lift Serum/Gentle Moisturising Gel) apply Skin Whitening Cream to the face.

During the day, application in combination with an SPF 50 sun block is recommended.

Beta-White™, MelaCare oil, shea butter, vitamin E, Cooling Agent, may seaweed

Skin Types: Pigmentation

Size: 50ml

Product Code: 2010


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