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Vitamin C Power-Cure


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A Powerful Vitamin Cocktail

The Vitamin C Power Cure is an intensive anti-ageing treatment. It contains highly concentrated vitamin C and perfectly protects your skin from all signs of ageing. From the very first use, it strengthens the skin to make it resilient to negative influences: UV radiation, environmental pollutants and lifestyle-related stress factors.

• Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
• Lifts the skin and increases its elasticity
• Stimulates collagen synthesis and metabolic activity
• Leaves the skin smooth and radiant
• Neutralises free radicals and prevents their formation 

After cleansing and opening your face, mix one High Active Vitamin C sphere with 3 pipettes of Liquid Activator in the jar, apply Vitamin C Power-Cure to your face and gently massage it onto your skin once per day (preferably in the evening). Afterwards, follow up with City & Sky, Twentyfour Hours Extreme or Luminous Pearl Extreme.

The treatment should be used 3–4 times a year as an intensive course for optimal results. Start with the intensive phase (daily application for 21 days), then proceed with a stabilising phase of 2–3 weeks (afterwards, use for 21 days again).

High Active Vitamin C
Ascorbic acid, Polyquaternium-10, jojoba oil

Liquid Activator
Hydrolite® 5, hyaluronic acid, hydrolised hyaluronic acid, urea, acmella oleracea, Pentavitin®, MBR complex with panthenol, sea mayweed, green tea, rosemary, Centella asiatica, liquorice root extract

Skin Types: 

Size: tube: 7 x 50 mg (High Active Vitamin C) pipette bottle: 5 ml (Liquid Activator) jar, spatula

Product Code: 01243


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