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Key product for Skin Regeneration

Efficient skin care gel based on mild hydroxy acids in combination with a papain enzyme complex for the targeted refinement of skin structure and for lasting moisturisation.

• Deeply effective solution of cornification
• Removes sebum and lipid deposits

• Activates skin regeneration

• Makes skin look smoother, clearer and more radiant


After cleansing (Two in One Cleanser or Foam Cleanser purifying), apply once daily, in the evenings, to face and let it penetrate for 3−15 minutes. Then, rinse thoroughly several times with luke-warm water and apply the appropriate product.

Alpha and beta hydroxy acids, allantoin, dexpanthenol (provitamin B5), Peelmoist (papain enzym complex)

With very sensitive skin, can cause a prickly feeling. Skin-friendly pH balance.

Skin Types: Normal to Oily Skin Types

Size: 30ml $100.00 Product Code:1121

Size: 50ml $137.00 Product Code: 1111

Size 100ml $241.00 Product Code: 1112



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