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Luminous Pearl Extreme


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Illuminate Your Complexion

Luminous Pearl Extreme as the extraordinary symbiosis between the modern high-tech-vitamin complex and the most efficient whitening factors gives both a multi-active anti-aging effects as well as a perfectly balanced and illuminated complexion.

• Lends your skin vitality, radiance and vigour
• Reduces pigmentation irregularities and prevents their formation
• Regulates melanin production
• Eliminates all negative effects of our modern environment
• Strengthens the skin‘s own protective capabilities
• Has a positive effect on the synthesis of elastin and collagen

Mornings and evenings. After the cleanse and opening (using our Two-in-One Cleanser or Foam Cleanser Purifying/Beta-Enzyme/Starter Facial Booster), apply the Skin Lightening Serum as an active serum. Finally, apply a generous quantity of Luminous Pearl Extreme and gently massage it into your skin.

In order to take additional care requirements into consideration, you can alternatively use further MBR active serums (Cell Power Vital Serum/Tissue Activator Serum/Normalizing Lipid & Sebum
Care/Optimal Lift Serum/Gentle Moisturising Gel) together with Luminous Pearl Extreme.

Superox-C, Kombuchka™, vitamin C glucoside, vitamin E, vitamin A, SymHelios® 1031, Melacare oil, Beta-White

Skin Types: Pigmentation

Size: 50ml 

Product Code: 1242


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